Nuts and Bolts

I have spent the last couple of days working on the design of the blog and adding some gadgets that I think are useful resources for those that visit. So far, this seems a pretty easy platform. I think I will enjoy posting to it this year. I am also setting up the wiki site for my planned collaboration with two other teachers. This wiki project will be a true avenue to provide authentic feedback for our students. I have been reading a great deal of case studies profiling teachers that are implementing new literacies in their classrooms. I am very impressed by the research presented by Sara Kajder and William Kist in two recent books I read. I have added both to the Awesome Reads list in the sidebar. William Kist’s presentation in the recent EC Ning Webstitute 2.0 was impressive and gave me some great ideas on implementation of technology in the classroom. I added a feed for the EC Ning in case anyone is interested in checking out the Webstitute. It is still accessible and totally free. I feel a little overwhelmed in the planning and managing of all these beginning of the year items, but I will persevere!

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