New Stuff

I spent last night looking at all of my past “First Week of School” activities, and found them wanting. In came the EC Ning, the greatest resource for English teachers, with Jim Burke’s discussion forum on just that topic. there were a couple of suggestions about creating a video to show students, introducing them to you and your course. I thought that was a pretty hot idea, especially after I saw a couple of the examples. So I went on tagxedo and created a word cloud with all of the titles of the supplemental texts I will be using this year and then logged into Animoto and created a slideshow. I’m pretty happy with it. The file is below if anyone wants to check it out. I also began working on parsing out the year as far as works and skills. I feel excited about the prospects this year with all of the resources I have been introduced to. I also linked my Goodreads bookshelf on Pedagogy to this blog. I went ahead and reviewed some of the books so that this can serve as a resource for any visitors to this blog. I had the priviledge of seeing Sara Kajder this summer at my summer institute with The Blue Ridge Writing Project, and she showed some videos created through Voicethread. They were really amazing and the feedback component was exactly what I had been looking for in addressing new literacies. To that end, I explored that site last night and set up an educator account. I plan on playing with it some myself and then maybe trying to incorporate it when we do our “This I Believe” unit. I will have to see how easy it is to use and if I can integrate it into the curriculum naturally, but I will say my interest is peaked. Till then, still plugging away, stay tuned!

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