Worker Bee

As I was working on my Flickr character card assignment yesterday, I got an email from the other teacher I was hoping to collaborate with. It was good news, she actually had the book we had decided on, The Things They Carried, and was willing to shift her schedule to be a part of the collaborative read and wiki site. I’m a little trepidatious about the logistics of this cross-school cyber relationship, but we have put so much work into it that I’m just going to hope for the best. The wiki is up and running and I have been adding content to it regularly. I’m about to set up the pages that our 3 schools will use for the book. It is exciting to think that my students will be able to work with students they cannot see and are not even in the same town with!
The Flickr character assignment came out well. I decided to have the kids choose a symbol from their world that could represent whatever character they are assigned and then take a photo and upload it to Flickr. From there they can edit the photo and annotate a passage from the book on top of the picture. The text they choose has to reveal their character and justify their symbol choice. Should be a good practice with characterization. I’m hoping the students will be able to present these via videoconference so that all 3 schools can participate.

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