Let the Good Times Roll

I got my teaching schedule in the mail yesterday, (now is the time for the angels to begin singing) I have my own room all day! Since moving here, I have not had a dedicated room. I have been what they term a cart teacher. Does anyone out there have experience with this situation? It is quite difficult to man two computer carts and the cart of teaching supplies through the sea of meandering students in the hall. It will be so much easier to have a homebase. I can display my students work and it will make the collaboration with the other schools much more seamless. Yay!
I also created my Tagxedo bio-cloud for to share with my 9th graders the first week. It actually came out pretty cool. I can’t quite figure out how to arrange the words with an uploaded photo, but I did get it to look pretty interesting using a shape. What shape? An apple 🙂 I plan on having students list out adjectives and words that describe them and then create their own tagxedo bio-cloud. Does anyone else have any great introductory activities for the beginning of school? I like to do some get-to-know you things, but I like to try something different. We’ll see how it works!

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