Juliet Replies!

I went to school today to try and get my keys and found an amazing surprise waiting for me. A large airmail package from Verona, Italy. Last Spring my 9th grade students wrote letters to Juliet and I sent them off to the official Juliet Club. This was before the movie so it became even more exciting when the students saw the movie being advertised. I had worried that I had sent so many that we would not get responses, but here they are on official stationary and handwritten. I am so excited to give them to the students when they return! Has anyone else tried something like this? I liked the fact that the students had to hand-write something in formal language. It was definitely a different experience for them.
On another note, I finished my AP syllabus last night. I don’t think I ever knew how much work goes into an AP audit syllabus. I feel like I am in uncharted waters, but we’ll see what happens. I have not gotten much direction about what I need to do so I just kind of persevere. The process did give me an opportunity to look hard at my choices of texts and activities to make sure I was aligning with audit requirements. Ultimately, my dedication to the students and passion for the field always pull me through any obstacles or foibles I might have. Has anyone else been through this audit experience before?

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