This is my foray into personal blogging. I started a blog about my experiences in the classroom, but this is the first bit of writing just for me. I am starting with a bang. We just returned from our 3rd annual MicroFestivus, a small-craft beer festival. It was awesome. Less brewers than last year, but still some goodies. My “best in show” was the Black Radish from Weeping Radish Organic Brewery in Outerbanks, North Carolina. Round, dark, deep mouth-feel, nice mocha taste with a tobacco back taste. Loved It!! We also had the luscious Dog Town Pizza. Today’s choice was summer vegetable. A melange of squash, fresh tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, Yummy! They are hard to beat with their mobile wood-burning pizza oven and fresh ingredients.

Back soon with tidbits about my epicurean adventures in and out of my kitchen, now I’ve got to go and check on the hearty, delectable Guinness-Beef Stew I have in the crockpot! Mmmmm… Recipes coming soon…

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