San Francisco

I finally decided to tag along with my husband on one of his “conferences” this week. We are in gorgeous San Francisco and I thought I would blog about the places we dine and the wineries we are visiting. Night 0ne, we arrive tired from our hugely long flight from the east coast ready to have some delectable bites. I had done lots of homework on places I want to dine but I didn’t have one lined up for tonight so we went to the Concierge for help. Normally, the concierge is very knowledgeable and has pretty discerning taste. So we went to his recommended venue, The Waterfront Restaurant. It was very close to our hotel and we were excited about the touted Black Truffle Lobster Mac-n-Cheez. We arrived to a not-very-humble manager who informed us that it would be an hour wait for a table (it was already 8:15 SF time). We put our name on the list and inquired about having an appetizer and a cocktail. The manager asserted that we could ask the bartender if he would serve us an appetizer and then went back to his extremely important reservation checking. We then ventured out to their open-air area and waited another 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged us. The server out there was sweet but extremely over-tasked. She did bring us a little bread and a bottle of wine while we were waiting.

Finally, our table was ready and we were ushered to their room overlooking the Bay. it was lovely except the lawn chairs we had to sit in. Our server was nice but had just moved here 2 weeks ago and did not know much about the area. We ordered the Mac-n-Cheez and let me just say Tom from Top Chef would have slammed them for not seasoning their food. All the flavors were very bland and the consistency was runny at best. For entrees we had the woodfired tuna, grilled asparagus and crab mashed potatoes (another concierge rec). The tuna was well-cooked but a little dry, the asparagus reeked of liquid smoke and the mashed potatoes were just that with crabmeat added. We persevered though because the wine we chose was sooooo good and very reasonable. It was the Russian Hill Pinot Noir and very tasty. The wine list was attractively priced and offered a corkage option if you wanted to bring your own wine in.

We finished dinner and dessert was next. Let me just say I should have ordered the Sabayon because then I would have been assured it was not made in some Sysco factory. That is about all I have to say about that. We had checked Zagat’s iphone app before we went and they had warned of neglectful service and mediocre food; they were right. I promise to trust you Zagat’s tomorrow 🙂

Next stop: Boulevard restaurant

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