Twisted Farm Food

Twisted Farm Food…that is the tagline for one of the best breakfasts I have had recently. Hash House a Go Go is a place of mythic portions and delectable combinations, all served by some of the most ninja-esque waitstaff in Las Vegas. I am still dreaming about it!

My husband and I decided we wanted to hike Red Rock Canyon while we were in Vegas. I know, I know 102 degrees by 10 a.m., riled up snakes and scorpions, rock scrambling, all common sense factors raging against this decision, but common sense did not prevail, thankfully. It was blistering weather, but the canyon was absolutely breathtaking! The colors and texture of the rocks seemed almost like a painting, and after many years of Bono obsession, I got up close and personal with a real Joshua Tree. We did not actually attempt a full blown trail our first time out, instead we took the scenic drive route and stopped at the various points where short trails into the canyons were accessible. This was no small feat though, each trail covered real backpacking style hiking and a great deal of elevation. It took us about four hours and that was enough for one day.

Later in the week, we ventured out again set on hiking the trail that had the Native American petroglyphs and pictographs. We started earlier and this made all the difference. It was still hot, but not unbearable. The petroglyphs and pictographs were worth it. To be in the presence of all that history in its native form, untouched was awe-inspiring. The light was also different in the early part of the day. It was crystal clear and the colors were really vibrant; it is almost like the as the heat of the day sets in, the colors become more hazy and muted.

After all this activity, we had worked up an appetite and were in for some “twisted farm food.” we packed up and made way for Hash House a Go Go. The exterior of the restaurant has a very rustic, almost unfinished barn feel to it, and that carries on inside the restaurant. The ceilings are unfinished barn board, and the walls are quilted steel. Even the flower vases contain fresh wheat straws.

Our server, dressed in Dickies and boots, made his way over as soon as we sat. We had arrived in time for the “Wake Up Late Breakfast” menu. It was not full breakfast, but enough offerings to find something tasty. The coffee the server brought was rich and full-bodied with what tasted like a chicory undertone. It was some of the best we had in Vegas. We had been warned about the monstrous portions, but we through caution to the wind and ordered two entrees: Chorizo Hash and Eggs, and Griddled Banana French Toast.

As we were waiting for our food, we got to see the food coming to the tables around us. I’ll admit, we were a little frightened. The burgers were the size two hands put together and stacked at least 10 inches high. In fact, many people were taking pictures of their food, it was that astounding. Our food arrived as we were salivating over another customer’s fresh corned beef hash. It came in a full-on cast iron skillet piled high with eggs, peppers, chorizo, onions, and cheddar. The other plate had four of the biggest pieces of french toast I have ever seen. They were topped with a split and caramelized banana. It was impressive. In addition to this largess, were two fluffy, homemade biscuits and house-made peach preserves.

The french toast was tremendous. It had that nice crispness on the outside and was gooey soft on the inside. The banana was the perfect counterpoint with its deep brown sugar caramel and warm, soft texture. The hash was amazing. Sometimes chorizo can be greasy, not this time. It was tender and spicy. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the chiles had enough heat to leave that warmth in the back of your throat. So good! The biscuits were the perfect finish. Light and fluffy, they contrasted nicely with the fresh churned butter and sweet peach preserves. Throughout this food extravaganza, we wanted for nothing. Our server, with deft handiwork, cleared dirty plates, refilled near empty glasses and coffee mugs, checked back often but not obtrusively. We did not even notice when he brought new silverware or cleared small plates; he was that good, and they all were. I was really impressed when an older lady at a nearby table was having trouble ordering in English and the server switched over to Spanish to facilitate her order. It was effortless much like everything else had gone since we arrived.

More than sated, we paid our bill, left a ridiculous tip, and filed this place as one of the “must do’s” in Vegas. Great atmosphere, tremendous food, and silken service- I still dream about it!

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