Not So Average Joe’s…

I started hearing about Blue Collar Joe’s a couple of years ago and though my interest was piqued, I had not had the occasion for a visit to this smorgasbord of gourmet doughnuts. That all changed with the new Uptown Joe’s location in the Patrick Henry Hotel.

There is a very homey, community feel as you enter the establishment. There are comfy chairs with a little table between them, lots of nooks to slide into if you are there to work or just escape, and a lovely aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the air. The staff is incredibly friendly and humble. They waited patiently as I took FOREVER to pick out my donuts. I have heard that the selection is not as good as the Daleville location, but it was far better than anything I’ve seen in the Roanoke area.

I ordered up a dozen including s’mores, butterfinger, pumpkin crunch and black forest, blueberry pancake breakfast and banana pudding. In addition to the fabulous doughnut extravaganza, I ordered a chai tea latte to see how their barista chops measured up. The chai was delicious- slightly spicy, piping hot, and just a glazing of frothed milk. I like when a chai has discernible ginger and cardamom and this one certainly did. The counter servers thanked me profusely for coming in and provided me with a take-out menu for any future needs. I can’t say enough about what good service it was- friendly, gracious and quick.

I made my way home to let the fam try out the wares. They were a rousing success. My husband loves anything banana- pie, pudding, ice cream. Imagine his immense pleasure at finding a little pillow of heaven that was filled with all of his favorite flavors. He heartily endorses the banana pudding doughnut. Our children, chocolate freaks that they are, tore up the black forest and s’mores doughnuts. Both were also resounding successes. I savored the blueberry pancake breakfast. I love a bite that has the perfect balance of savory and sweet and this did. It was a dense blueberry cake doughnut glazed with a maple syrup anglaise and topped with crumbled bacon- not baco bits, but real bacon. It was divine. Not quite Carol Lee’s in Blacksburg, but pretty awesome. We will be returning!

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