The Most Important Meal of the Day….

So, we are all told how important breakfast is. It fuels your day, gets your metabolism going etc., etc. I am firm believer in having a great breakfast and have lamented the almost lack of original choices in Roanoke since moving here. I enjoy Star City, but you can only go there so many times. This past Sunday I found a new love, Wildflour in Towers Shopping Center.

I have been to Wildflour a couple of times for lunch and it was fabulous, but never for brunch. For whatever reason Sunday is always a busy day and I never seem to set aside time to go and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Luckily, my routine changed up Sunday, and I ventured out in search of good brunch. Wildflour filled the bill in spades.

It was not packed when I arrived so I easily scored a good table. The interior is hip and eclectic. A recent renovation expanded the seating and allowed for more wall space for local art. My husband and I started perusing the menu. My mouth was watering as I read through each description. Crab and asparagus omelet, shrimp and avocado quesadilla, low country shrimp and grits…Yum, Yum! I ordered the sweet potato blueberry pancakes while my husband ordered the traditional eggs benedict- they have a vegetarian version of this that looked tempting, but we decided to give the original variety a whirl first. I will say the service was slightly haphazard; we had 3 different servers for various aspects of our meal which made for a somewhat disjointed service experience.

Food was coming out of the kitchen pretty steadily, and it looked delicious. The real stuff was no disappointment when it arrived. The pancakes were ridiculously good. They were fluffy and bursting with plump blueberries. The syrup was warm and obviously the real stuff! The eggs benedict were equally pleasing. I loved the hunk of sourdough they were served on rather than the traditional english muffin. The sourdough was from local bakery, On the Rise, and was a star of the plate. The hollandaise was definitely made from scratch. It had a nice lemony flavor. The portion was a little light considering the size of the sourdough, but when we asked for some more, it was immediately brought out at no charge. The eggs were perfectly poached and the canadian bacon was crispy around the edges- just like I like it!

Refills on beverages and getting the check was pretty slow so, expect to relax and have a leisurely morning, definitely not the place to go if you are on a schedule. As I said previously, I have been for lunch a couple of times and the food has been equally scrumptious. My husband and I can’t stay away from the Hummus Platter. It has a generous portion of housemade hummus drizzled with olive oil and a plate full of delectable goodies to scoop and spread with. I also love the Cobb Salad. I know, I know, cobb salad, everybody has them, but this is different. First, it is enormous- definitely a share plate. Second, it has housemade guacamole on top which is worth the plate in and of itself. Chunky avocado, zesty lime, tangy red onion, chunks of tomato and visible cilantro. It is divine! The rest of the salad is no slack either. The chicken is fresh off the grill, blue cheese crumbles are abundant and the greens are not iceberg! One of the top salads in town, in my opinion. Breakfast and lunch, both huge hits in my book…I will be back!

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