#20 Time and the Student-Centered Classroom

This was our first official week incorporating the 20Time Project. I thought the students would enjoy it but I had no idea how much they would dig in and create amazing stuff. I think it helped that each day I showed different takes on projects in the spirit of the 20Time idea. We looked at the Humans of New York blog, Storycorps, a project focusing on homelessness and on and on…I worked with many of the teams today as they set up their blogs and began to post their initial ideas for projects. A couple of students plan to venture into the Vegan lifestyle and document their journey, another pair pledged to read a book a week, post reviews and book trailers to their website and link it to our school library as a resource for students looking for a book and yet another student plans to write 20 minutes everyday in an effort to write his first complete novel. The students have been so thoughtful about what they are pursuing. I am excited to read their first blogs! I thought it was going to be difficult to incorporate such a break from curriculum, but it has been seamless and they are independently researching, reading and writing beyond anything I could formally assign. Tomorrow, I will help my AP/Dual students set up their blogs and then we will dive into the wild world of college admissions. I actually love  college essay season- I get to know my students on such a personal level through their writing. We will be looking at some mentor texts, discussing the elements of writer’s craft that are working and getting down to the nitty gritty of drafting and workshopping. More on a student-centered classroom to come….

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