Woats is coming!!!!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

My students are clicking right along with their 20 Time projects and we got some big news this week. About a month ago, I was searching for a new breakfast granola and picked up a package of Woats. They looked interesting; the package had a great design; I was intrigued…and then I read the story. Woats were created by a young entrepreneur named Justin Anderson. He started his epicurean adventure with a tasty granola mix and $500 of seed money from his grandmother. I was inspired. I researched his company when I got home and found that he does workshops with schools. The problem was they were only offered in Texas. Thinking it a long shot, I emailed him and asked if he would ever consider coming to Roanoke, VA and told him about the 20 time project. Unbelievably, I received an email from him about a week ago. Justin Anderson is coming to speak to my students about taking risks, facing challenges and “harnessing their inner oats” and he generously offered to cover the expenses for the trip- a big deal on a public school budget. Needless to say, I am beyond excited!

The next step was to set everything up. I spoke to my administrators about a space and the logistics of having all my students there to hear Justin firsthand. They immediately got on board. We will host Justin Anderson for a small lunch gathering where the students can talk personally to him about his journey and then we will have a school-wide assembly where everybody can hear his inspiring story. I still can’t believe a short email garnered such an amazing opportunity.

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