Books with a side of Pancakes

Well, I am finally over the flu and back to teaching and blogging. Today marked our finish date for my 12th grade College Bound classes 2nd round of independent, self-selected novels. Last month we wrote book reviews and posted them on our coming school library review website (one of my student’s 20 time projects). This month one of my students suggested we have a book party where we all “…just talk about our books, share a little breakfast, and make recommendations to each other…” and I thought that sounded like something I would do with a book I loved. So this morning one of my students showed up with her griddle and a batch of homemade pancake batter, another brought syrup, another orange juice and so on until we had enough breakfast buffet to fill a table. I supplied Panera bagels and cream cheese just in case the pancakes did not work out as planned.

We started class by hooking up the griddle and electing a pancake griddler. The students set up the buffet and we got down to some breakfast. Everyone was laughing and looking in their books for passages to share. It was the most excited I have seen them about a book “assessment”. Once everybody filled their plates, we adjourned to seats around the Reader’s Chair (a rocking chair they often fight over). Each student shared a summary of their books- without giving away the end or plot twist, what they liked about the author’s style and a short passage that they found memorable. As the students were sharing, other students fired questions they had about the books. The class flew by! There was a lot of Book Love (thanks Penny Kittle) going on in my classroom today!

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