Chasing Dreams


I found my dream job. It combines all my loves- writing, cooking, reading, and literary discussion while eating. I was on Instagram posting about another dream come true, I was accepted into Bich Minh Nguyen’s memoir workshop at the Key West Literary Seminar and Workshops in January, when I happened on Tables of Contents.

Let me get this out of the way….AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! So excited to sit at Nguyen’s feet and soak up all her knowledge about crafting memoir. Her book, Stealing Buddha’s Dinner, is exactly the style of writing I love. I feel a writing life-changing January coming on.

Back to my dream job (besides being an author who can finish her WIP), Tables of Content. From their website:

Tables of Contents makes events that use food as an unconventional but revelatory entry point for experiencing books, music, art, and culture.

We run monthly tastings in collaboration with the world’s greatest literary talents, throw spectacular dinner parties to take you course-by-course through an artwork, curate recipes and interviews from the artists we work with, partner with brands on custom events and special projects, and make bomb ass biscuits.

Screenshot (7)

The Home Page for Tables of Contents. I mean, c’mon…


I can make fabulous food (owned a restaurant for nine years); I read like an addict; I have experience interviewing authors (thx Write or Die Tribe); I majored in English Lit & Art History (so conversation should be doable); I make bomb ass jams & compound butters to go with those biscuits. Let’s be real- even if they just let me be an awkward fan at their events, that would work as well.

If I could create a dream job, I could not have come up with a better concept. I need to be a part of this food and book smorgasbord.

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